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Terms and conditions

  • All pets are welcome at Hotel Millepini.

  • A supplement of €5.00 per animal per day will be applied.
    Guide dogs have free access.


  • Owners must bring all the utensils and containers necessary for the animal's stay (food, hygiene materials, etc.).

  • The owners are responsible for any damage caused to the room and the property. In case of damage, the guest is required to immediately inform the reception and the hotel will assess the extent of the damage.

  •  Cleaning up of solid and liquid waste is the sole responsibility of the guest.

  • To allow the staff to carry out the usual daily cleaning in the room, the owner must agree with the reception at the time of check-in.

  • Pets are allowed in all areas of the hotel. Inside the restaurant, animals must be kept on a leash and always close to the table.
    It is strictly forbidden to bring pets near the breakfast buffet.


  •  Dogs deemed aggressive or dangerous to other hotel guests may be immediately removed from the facility.
    The hotel reserves the right to make this decision at any time.


  • It is permitted to leave the animal alone in the room but if it disturbs other guests, the owners will be contacted and asked to go to the hotel immediately.

  • The owner is solely responsible for the protection and care of his animal.

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